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Companies who have gone through the QCA Compliance Accreditation and Certification Programs are, without exception the greatest advocates of independent verification and accountability. They not only realize that the program is the next step for them in terms of social accountability, safety and compliance, they also realize that the process of accreditation and certification is part of what allows them to take their businesses to the next level.They know that in order to do business with some of the largest companies in the world, you’ve got to do and be the kind of company that they can trust to work with as a vendor partner, using the kinds of processes and safety and compliance measures that protect them.

Companies that participate as Advocates recognize the QCA Accreditation as the industry standard for brand safety and responsible sourcing. They support QCA's mission to elevate the standards by which industry suppliers that import and/or manufacture products provide consistently safe, high quality, socially compliant and environmentally conscientious merchandise. Moreover, they commit to partnering with QCA in educating their employees on the various aspects of brand safety and responsible sourcing and becoming familiar with the state and federal requirements that must be met on behalf of their customers.

Hear from industry leaders how QCA makes compliance easy.

What some of our participating companies have to say:

We have kept our edge in terms of innovative designs and creativity, but the QCA certification shows that we are poised to grow further and brightens our prospect.” Martichoux adds: “We have always loved being creative and we all love what we do here. For us, being creative and cool is not incompatible with being reliable and delivering impeccable service and quality. The QCA Certification is just another sign that Chameleon like, Inc. has grown up to be a significant supplier in our industry!

Pierre Martichoux, President and Co-Founder

Chameleon Like, Inc.

It doesn’t matter how extensive a quality process any company has in place, working through the QCA accreditation process identifies gaps and areas that need attention, thereby improving the overall product and in turn the reputation of the company. An organization such as QCA improves our ability to provide products that are safe, contain no restricted ingredients and are not only made safely but also with social and environmental accountability issues in mind. QCA accredited companies are a select group of manufacturers who have earned the right to say they truly make a quality product—and can back it up.

Jennifer Gluck, Executive Vice President

Gordon Sinclair

With its exclusive focus on the promotional products industry, QCA has created the only comprehensive framework for compliance-related activities. While Leed’s has increased our own compliance efforts within the last several years, QCA now provides clear and established standards for our industry, which is something that was greatly needed. Ultimately, going through this process will make our own program more effective and will ensure the industry takes a proactive stance toward what is an increasingly important issue. The QCA audit process highlights the importance of well-documented procedures across every activity within our business. As a result of our QCA accreditation, we are now able to benchmark our internal compliance program and better gauge our progress.

David Nicholson, President


Being a part of the Distributor Advocacy Council gives us an even greater insight into compliance, safety and supplier transparency. We look forward to having a wider scope of supply chain visibility along with a contributing voice when it comes to current product safety and future compliance policies.

Daniel Gardner, Managing Partner

Blink Marketing

Through this certification program, QCA provides a consistent framework for product quality and safety standards, which are becoming more and more important as legislation that directly affects the promotional products industry continues to be enacted. Providing products that meet the QCA Seal of Approval requirements are important not only for the overall future success of QCA members but the industry as well.

Jeff Lederer, President

Prime Resources Corp.

Over the years, we’ve made a point of implementing protocols, policies, and measures, including establishing the position of a dedicated compliance officer in 2010, to help us identify and work with suppliers who produce quality sustainable products in well-managed and socially acceptable work environments. Joining the QCA Distributor Advocacy Council is an integral part of what we are endeavoring to do as an organization in ascertaining the commitment and sincere efforts of our suppliers to provide quality sustainable products manufactured from well managed and socially acceptable work environments.

John Houlding, President and Founder

Cotton Candy

We had a department that dealt with everyday compliance and quality processes and worked on our internal policies and procedures. It was a robust system, but there is always room for improvement, and the QCA process helped highlight our shortcomings, said Chris Pearson, Director of Compliance. “This is a big opportunity for us as a manufacturer and for our customers. It demonstrates to the industry how much we care about the compliance, responsible sourcing, and QC process. Also, it gives our customers confidence that we are doing all that we can to protect them and their customer’s brands. QCA Accreditation opens doors for new clients and brands that require QCA certified suppliers for all their orders.

Chris Pearson, Director of Compliance

Spector & Co.

The team at Stran has always taken the role of protecting our client’s brand seriously. We focus on all aspects of brand protection from meeting brand guidelines on every product that we source to exceeding all product safety and testing standards. Joining such an elite group of forward-thinking companies on the Distributor Advocacy Council will allow us to continue to share best practices and help drive greater compliance across our industry.

Andy Shape, President

Stran Promotional Solutions

The saying ‘It wouldn’t be easy, but it will be worth it’ defiantly applies to QCA Accreditation. Suppliers and distributors must educate themselves and implement stringent standards as they pertain to supply chain control as well as testing and auditing of their companies and products to preserve this wonderful industry against sub-par companies and products. We have taken great pride in going through the QCA Accreditation program to ensure our customers and end-buyers that their employees, clients and company brands are safe when choosing SnugZ.

Brandon Mackay, President


It is important that we are all accountable. Through DAC participation, we can now have seat at the table to ensure the thoroughness of the auditing,” she says. “We also want to find ways to increase the number of QCA Accredited Suppliers so it isn’t just ‘the big guys.’ It is important that small, responsible suppliers have the ability to promote their commitment to brand safety within our industry.

Tara Milburn, Owner

Ethical Swag