Protect Your Brand’s Reputation

Promotional products are the most remembered and recognized advertising medium. They’re ranked as the #1 most effective form of advertising across all generations, according to a study from Promotional Products Association International.

Promotional products are powerful.

With this power comes great responsibility. Brands must consider the promotional products they use. When they fail to demand safe and responsibly sourced promotional products from their vendors, they put their brand equity on the line.

Fortunately, brands don’t have to navigate product safety on their own. Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) is your partner in brand safety.

QCA is the promotional product industry’s only validated brand safety and responsible sourcing compliance solution. Through QCA, you can protect your brand reputation and maintain your indirect supply chain’s integrity.

Unless you insist on promotional products that align with your values and compliance requirements, promotional products suppliers will not go above and beyond to make the investment you expect in corporate responsibility.

Change is up to you. Here are five ways to take action:

  1. Talk with your promotional product vendors. Ask them for proof of compliance. Learn about their processes for social responsibility, product quality, supply chain security and environmental stewardship.
  2. Seek out promotional products vendors that participate in QCA. You can also encourage your existing vendors to participate.
  3. Review your company’s code of conduct and values statement. Make sure your promotional materials and vendors align.
  4. Update your compliance, marketing and procurement policies to include accredited suppliers for your branded merchandise.
  5. Participate in QCA yourself to show your organization’s commitment to brand safety and corporate responsibility.

Demand Better For Your Brand

You have the power to protect your brand’s reputation. Any organization that is not considered part of the promotional products industry is eligible to participate as an Affiliate.

Affiliates help hold the promotional products industry accountable to higher standards of responsible behavior through ethical sourcing and more sustainable manufacturing efforts.

The benefits of becoming an Affiliate include:

  • Quarterly list of participating promotional products companies
  • Brand safety newsletter
  • Opportunity to drive positive change throughout an industry
  • Easy access to brand safety leaders
  • Enhanced management of brand integrity and risk mitigation
  • Indirect supply chain accountability

Organizations can join on two tiers: for-profit ($500 annually) and nonprofit/higher education ($100 annually).

Promotional products suppliers won’t make product safety a priority until brands demand change.

Take the first step in protecting your brand. Apply to become an Affiliate today.