Product Quality

Just as product safety and compliance are integral focus areas of the QCA Accreditation process, so is product quality as it pertains to the characteristics of raw materials and the workmanship.

Companies that pursue QCA Accreditation must demonstrate several requirements specific to product quality, including:


  • A documented protocol for assuring continuous adherence to quality and performance standards related to the company’s product line.
  • A documented format for communicating product requirements and performance standards.
  • A documented protocol for validating product prior to the commencement of manufacturing, whether a new product or new manufacturing facility.
  • A documented protocol for validating conformance of finished product with an approved product.
  • A documented supplier selection program.
  • Quality compliance-related accountabilities assigned to a senior position.

As companies fulfill QCA Accreditation requirements and refine their processes, policies and procedures, they’re encouraged to also develop company-specific best practices that help achieve higher product quality standards. These might include development checklists, supplier scorecards, inline inspection of manufactured products and document supplier corrective actions, among others. Many accredited suppliers report expense reductions and process economies from the changes. Some have even referred to the QCA accreditation process as, “a culture change” for their entire organization.

By making a commitment to developing and selling high-quality product, promotional product suppliers are also making an investment in product safety, resulting in a better product experience for all involved parties.