Sourcing safe and responsibly sourced promotional products
can be a puzzle, but
QCA has the solution.

The QCA Affiliate Program

Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) helps buyers like you by working with promotional products suppliers and distributors through respective Accreditation and Certification programs to ensure the products you use to build your brand are safe, compliant and responsibly sourced.

Sounds awesome, right? Through the QCA Affiliate Program, we can connect you with these promotional products distributors so that you can work with professionals that understand your compliance requirements.



  • Participation in Affiliate Roundtable
  • List of participating promotional products companies (distributors and suppliers) – updated and provided quarterly
  • Brand safety newsletter
  • Opportunity to drive positive change throughout an industry
  • Easy access to brand safety leaders
  • Enhanced management of brand integrity and risk mitigation
  • Indirect supply chain accountability

Have a call to learn how QCA can help solve your puzzles

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