CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (June 4, 2018) – Users of branded merchandise are becoming increasingly more proficient at vetting their promotional products supply chains. Companies that do the best job of providing proactive, comprehensive compliance solutions can differentiate themselves in an industry where it is genuinely challenging to separate from the masses.

By applying to participate in the QCA Accreditation program, Universal Strap–more commonly known throughout the industry under their line names WOV-IN®Promopet® and Footprints USA™–has joined other industry-leading suppliers by taking a hard look at their business models and compliance programs. Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) is the promotional product industry’s only independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to brand safety through “verified” responsible sourcing best practices.

“As a third-generation family business, doing things the right way is important to us. Moreover, as we continue to grow and regulations continue to change, we feel it’s beneficial for us to go through the QCA process,” said Jessie Johnson, Universal Strap President. “We want to continue to focus on compliance so that our customers are comfortable and confident working with us. This isn’t just about satisfying regulations; it is about improving as a company with the goal of taking care of our customers and our customers’ customers.”

Custom manufacturer and decorator of promotional and retail products, including merchandise for college bookstores, Fortune 500 companies, the pet industry, and souvenir and gift markets.