Woodinville, Wash—February 28, 2018— Jay Deutsch, creator of the Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) and co-founder and CEO of BDA Inc. has announced that he is stepping down from the QCA board. During Deutsch’s 10 years on the board, including eight as president, QCA grew to be the supply chain authority for quality, sustainability, and social responsibility of the promotional products industry.

“Jay was instrumental in creating industry standards for brand safety and ethical sourcing. Without his passion and vision, QCA would not exist today. He has been an integral part of building QCA into an innovative, industry-leading organization and his valuable counsel has played a huge part in QCA’s growth and impact on the industry,” said Tim Brown, MAS, QCA Executive Director – Operations. “Jay is leaving the board in a solid position and is passing the torch to the current and future leaders of QCA. The organization is poised for growth as end-buyers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of responsible sourcing processes that are independently validated.”

The architect behind QCA’s creation, Deutsch provided vision, leadership and expertise in his role as president and member of the governance committee. He has also contributed time and support to several QCA committees and the formation of its Distributor Advocacy Council (DAC). Throughout his tenure, Deutsch was dedicated to creating the promotional product industry’s only independent non-profit accreditation organization, committed to brand safety through responsible sourcing.

“QCA would not exist without Jay’s 2008 vision of a product responsibility accreditation body for the promotional products industry,” said Larry Whitney, who replaced Deutsch as board president in 2016. “Jay’s contributions to the success of QCA are too numerous to count.”

“Over the past decade, we’ve worked tirelessly to deliver a set of exacting quality standards to the promotional products industry. With more than twenty-five years of working in the Far East, BDA brought to the table our world-class supply chain QC program and associated best practices as the foundation of QCA. This set a high bar for what is today QCA’s proprietary auditing protocols,” said Deutsch. “I’m really proud of the work that we accomplished, and the great suppliers that opened their doors to improve and certify their supply chain practices. There are many professional suppliers, working hard to protect both our clients’ brands and our overall industry. Thank you to them as well. Now it is time for me to focus 100 percent of my attention on how fast BDA is growing, and I feel good with QCA in the capable hands of Tim Brown and Dee Fenton. BDA will continue to lead by example as a champion of the Distributor Advocacy Council for QCA, and will support the ongoing development of the QCA platform.”

“Jay was absolutely instrumental in driving QCA’s formation and development as the industry’s leading compliance organization. He recognized both the critical need and importance to address growing concerns around product safety – and the risks for our industry if something wasn’t done. We thank Jay for his leadership and vision since its founding ten years ago – and know that he will remain one of QCA’s strongest advocates,” said David Nicholson, president, Polyconcept North America.

Deutsch was recently honored at the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas in January during QCA’s annual meeting. QCA honored Deutsch with the organization’s first Heritage Award for pioneers and visionaries that have demonstrated unwavering dedication, innovation, and leadership in the creation and sustainability of QCA and the organization’s mission.

Deutsch’s one bit of advice for the industry, “Safe products are in the best interest of everyone in the industry. Vote with your purchase orders and do right by your clients. Using QCA accredited suppliers is just good business.“