Mission, Vision, and Values

The QCA Mission

Our mission is to provide the promotional products industry with a common set of third-party standards in an effort to consistently offer brand safety assurances to organizations that utilize promotional products as part of a broader marketing mix.


Brand safety and a positive impact on the communities touched through responsibly sourced branded merchandise.


  1. Model nonprofit, accreditation body best practices.
  2. Go above and beyond to mitigate risk for brands.
  3. Protect and grow the industry and brands we serve.
  4. Encourage participation and collaboration from industry members of all sizes.
  5. Maintain high expectations for ourselves, our affiliated companies and our industry.


  1. A non-profit. independent, accreditation body in the promotional products industry.
  2. The only process verification organization in the promotional products industry.
  3. A coalition of promotional products manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and the users of those products.
  4. A resource for knowledge and expertise for buyers, sellers and users of promotional products.
  5. A protector of brand reputations.