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Companies spend significant time, effort, money and resources on building their brands. Upholding this brand reputation is of critical importance, yet it can all be undone through a small purchase of a seemingly innocuous, inexpensive item: The promotional product.

In a market where any consumer item can become a promotional product simply by decorating it with a logo, don’t lose brand equity by putting your brand on a non-compliant, poorly made product manufactured by an unreliable source. Instead, seek out branded merchandise that is safe, of high quality and responsibly sourced so that you can tap into this highly effective advertising medium with confidence.

QCA exists to protect brands throughout the entire promotional products supply chain—from the supplier to the distributor to the end buyer (user of the product for promotional purposes). Hear from David Clifton, alphabroder, Mike Emoff, Shumsky, and John Houlding, Cotton Candy, as well as QCA’s Dee Fenton and Tim Brown about how supporting QCA can help ensure end buyers have access to promotional products that are safe, compliant and socially responsible.

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