Mitigate Risk By Validating Quality Up Front

One Year Later, IKEA’s Tip-over Troubles Continue

A little over a year ago, the furniture retailer IKEA recalled 29 million dressers and chests from its MALM line following the deaths of seven children. According to the Consumer Product Safety Co, the IKEA products did not comply with the U.S. voluntary industry standard and thus posed a serious tip-over hazard.

IKEA offered consumers a full refund on the unsafe chests and dressers sold from 2002 through June 2016 as well as free wall anchoring kits. Three of the families whose children were killed took IKEA to court. IKEA agreed to settle all three wrongful death claims for the sum of $50 million plus donations to children’s charities.

But the ordeal isn’t over for IKEA, even one year later. On June 28, 2017, a group of safety advocates sent a dire warning letter to CPSC claiming that IKEA hasn’t done enough to address the tip-over prone furniture.

Spotlight on Safety

IKEA’s woes should serve as a warning to promotional products suppliers. Product safety is clearly under the scrutiny of regulatory agencies such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission along with advocacy groups like the Consumer Federation of America. In a nutshell: This could happen to you. Don’t let it happen.

When it comes to product safety and product quality, the best offense is a good defense. Mitigating risk by manufacturing or sourcing safe products is a far better alternative than incurring the costs and the damage of a recall, lawsuit, and public relations nightmare – not to mention the loss of consumer goodwill from a failed product.

Quality Assurance

Companies who undergo the QCA Accreditation process are asked to document a protocol for ensuring their products adhere to quality and performance standards as determined by regulatory agencies such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission. These businesses mitigate risk by validating product quality before sourcing or manufacturing.

QCA-accredited companies perform product quality audits and testing to their manufacturing operations. These types of inspections go deeper than random inspections. Product quality audits help ensure that the right processes are in place. They also pinpoint potential problems early in the process.

By making a commitment to developing and selling high-quality products, promotional product companies are also making an investment in product safety, resulting in a better product experience for all involved parties. Contact us today to start the process of becoming a QCA-accredited company.

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