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White Paper - Brand Safety: More Than Digital Media

When viewed holistically, brand safety is about much more than content placement. It encompasses every aspect of a brand’s image. In reality, brand reputation is exposed anywhere a company logo, name, tagline and so forth are located. Whether or not the results of exposure are positive or negative is dependent upon the awareness of risks associated with each medium and the actions taken to mitigate the associated risk. Focusing on digital media alone is short-sided and dangerous. 

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QCA Welcomes Brand Affiliates

When QCA debuted its new participation model earlier this year, the goal was clear - revitalize the organization by being more engaging and inclusive with distributors and end buyers (the users of promotional products) while keeping the overall mission and standards of the Accreditation Program for suppliers intact.

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Signet, Inc. Returns To QCA’s Advocacy Council

While suppliers have much accountability when it comes to product safety and social responsibility, distributors also play an integral role by connecting end buyers with products that not only support their brand but also protect it. When the Distributor Advocacy Council (DAC) was created in May 2012, the purpose was to give distributors the opportunity to formally commit to meeting the higher product safety and compliance standards of Fortune 1000 companies through partnering with QCA Accredited Suppliers. While the goal was to strengthen relationships between Accredited Suppliers and distributors (which it did), there weren’t enough opportunities for distributors to truly participate in the larger conversation around brand safety.

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Making Compliance Easy For Distributors Video Part 1


Looking for ways to differentiate your company from the competition? Add some secret sauce to give you the extra edge? QCA helps promotional products distributors earn the respect and trust with clients by providing the framework to consistently and reliably manage the sourcing process from start to finish.

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United In Safety: Highlights From The ICPHSO Annual Meeting


Each year, the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO) holds its Annual Meeting And Training Symposium, bringing together global health and safety professionals to participate in discussions that further enhance the safety of consumer products throughout the world.

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Rebranding Complete


Check Out The Redesigned Logo, Website & Blog 

Back in January, we debuted a new participation model in an effort to expand engagement and involvement. As a part of our overall organizational revitalization plan, we’ve also completed a rebranding initiative by redesigning not only our logo but also the website and blog to deliver easier navigation, overall better user experience and more robust content.

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Building A Business, Ethically

By Participating In The Distributor Advocacy Council, Ethical Swag Solidifies Its Commitment To Corporate Responsibility

Some people go to work to collect a paycheck; others want to make a difference. Tara Milburn and the team at Ethical Swag, Inc. are the latter. Founded on March 1, 2018, with the intention of only providing socially compliant, safe, high-quality and environmentally conscientious branded merchandise, Ethical Swag is exceptionally focused on clients who demand to know the background of the products that bear their brand.

“When an organization puts their logo on a product, it says something about who they are and what they believe in. It is a physical connection to their brand and their customers,” Tara explains. “Understanding the story behind those products helps to protect our clients with their most valuable asset—their brand! It can take years to build and minutes to destroy unless we take the necessary precautions.”

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Study Shows Consumers Will Pay a Price Premium for Brands that Take a Stand

Although recent studies show that trust in the government and public institutions is declining, the same is not true for brands. In fact, new research from global marketing and communications firm Edelman suggests consumers may trust brands more than the government.

The 2017 Edelman Earned Brand study, released last month, reports that 51 percent of those surveyed said that brands could do more to solve social ills than the government. Consumers want more from brands today; they want to know if brands will step up to the plate environmentally and socially in ways the government has failed.

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Compelling Associations to Value Promotional Products and Associate with Brand Reputation

You would think that the attendees of a conference held by an association for association executives would be hyper-aware of compliance issues. But I discovered, upon attending the Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), that this isn’t necessarily the case.

Promotional Products Providers

It’s a given that trade associations are significant users of promotional products. Because their events provide a venue for their distribution of mass amounts of promotional products, I expected them to know about promotional products. I was not disappointed. With the number of trade shows run by associations, the association executives I spoke to were very familiar with promotional products.

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