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Signet, Inc. Returns To QCA’s Advocacy Council

While suppliers have much accountability when it comes to product safety and social responsibility, distributors also play an integral role by connecting end buyers with products that not only support their brand but also protect it. When the Distributor Advocacy Council (DAC) was created in May 2012, the purpose was to give distributors the opportunity to formally commit to meeting the higher product safety and compliance standards of Fortune 1000 companies through partnering with QCA Accredited Suppliers. While the goal was to strengthen relationships between Accredited Suppliers and distributors (which it did), there weren’t enough opportunities for distributors to truly participate in the larger conversation around brand safety.

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Making Compliance Easy For Distributors Video Part 1


Looking for ways to differentiate your company from the competition? Add some secret sauce to give you the extra edge? QCA helps promotional products distributors earn the respect and trust with clients by providing the framework to consistently and reliably manage the sourcing process from start to finish.

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Building A Business, Ethically

By Participating In The Distributor Advocacy Council, Ethical Swag Solidifies Its Commitment To Corporate Responsibility

Some people go to work to collect a paycheck; others want to make a difference. Tara Milburn and the team at Ethical Swag, Inc. are the latter. Founded on March 1, 2018, with the intention of only providing socially compliant, safe, high-quality and environmentally conscientious branded merchandise, Ethical Swag is exceptionally focused on clients who demand to know the background of the products that bear their brand.

“When an organization puts their logo on a product, it says something about who they are and what they believe in. It is a physical connection to their brand and their customers,” Tara explains. “Understanding the story behind those products helps to protect our clients with their most valuable asset—their brand! It can take years to build and minutes to destroy unless we take the necessary precautions.”

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Brand Safety Is The New Standard

Wov-In Brands Applied For QCA Accreditation To Meet Customer Demands

As end buyers continue to demand brand safety through responsible sourcing, promotional products suppliers have an important decision to make: How will they meet the needs of distributors, and in turn their end-buyer customers, in terms of corporate social responsibility and product safety?

While there are corporate responsibility statements, self-managed compliance programs simply aren’t effective. It’s kind of like the popular New Year’s Resolution to get more exercise. There’s excitement with the setting of a new goal. In January, gyms are filled day and night with people lifting weights and logging miles. Posts flood social media with people sharing their progress.

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Future Buyers Will Be Change Agents For Tomorrow’s Businesses

Takeaways From ISM Direct Conference And How Corporate Social Responsibility Is A Driving Force Behind Changing Buyer Attitudes

Marketing, fleet, human resources and other indirect expenses—including promotional products—often don’t receive the same scrutiny as direct ones, even though these costs may comprise 50% of a company’s overall purchases.

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Guest: The Promise and Risk of IoT Products for the Promotional Industry

The consumer product world is experiencing a broad emergence of Internet-connected tech products with embedded sensors and microchips that allow them to perform tasks never before imagined. They are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and they will eventually redefine what we consider normal. And like many tech items that evolve from pricey retail versions to low-cost promotional versions, the day when IoT products arrive in the promotional industry is likely to come soon. Imagine a T-shirt that monitors your heart rate and then automatically adjusts the program of your treadmill, a pill box that emails you if your elderly mother forgets to take her medicine or GPS–enabled stickers that can track anything with a Find-my-iPhonetype app. These products and hundreds more are all possible in what our industry could call the Internet of PromotionalThings (IoPT). In time, there are bound be IoPT features added to a wide range of industry categories – from pens to drinkware to bags to apparel – as developers find meaningful ways to reimagine the customer experience and broaden marketing opportunities.

But the benefits of IoT and IoPT may come at a price. These connected consumer products are raising serious concerns for regulators around the globe as issues of cybersecurity and privacy abound.3 Consumers have already been subjected to hacking incidents with IoT control devices in automobiles, heart regulators, baby monitors, cameras, oil pipelines and credit card scanners, to name a few. Promotional professionals should take the time to educate themselves about IoT now, before the products become plentiful in the industry, so that when they begin to appear you will be better able to make informed decisions and protect your clients’ brands.

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Category Managers Get Brand Safety

As the holiday season began, QCA was still out on the road sharing the message of BRAND SAFETY through the responsible sourcing of promotional products. While everyone was still eating Thanksgiving leftovers, the Institute for Supply Management Indirect Conference kicked off in Las Vegas. Moreover, once again, we were joined by a representative from the QCA Distributor Advocacy Council.

The lineup of quality speakers represented several supply chain categories from large and mid-sized organizations. Some of the more well-known included presenters hailed from Baxter International, FedEx, Intel, Microsoft, the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council, and Zappos.

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