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What is in your branded promotional products?


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QCA Welcomes Brand Affiliates

When QCA debuted its new participation model earlier this year, the goal was clear - revitalize the organization by being more engaging and inclusive with distributors and end buyers (the users of promotional products) while keeping the overall mission and standards of the Accreditation Program for suppliers intact.

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White Paper - Brand Safety: More Than Digital Media

When viewed holistically, brand safety is about much more than content placement. It encompasses every aspect of a brand’s image. In reality, brand reputation is exposed anywhere a company logo, name, tagline and so forth are located. Whether or not the results of exposure are positive or negative is dependent upon the awareness of risks associated with each medium and the actions taken to mitigate the associated risk. Focusing on digital media alone is short-sided and dangerous. 

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Protecting Your Brand - Video


Companies spend significant time, effort, money and resources on building their brands. Upholding this brand reputation is of critical importance, yet it can all be undone through a small purchase of a seemingly innocuous, inexpensive item: The promotional product.

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Why Brand Safety Is Smart Business Promo Marketing Podcast

Buyer habits are changing in a lot of different ways, but one of the biggest shifts is the growing demand for safe, sustainable and ethically sourced promotional products. Tim Brown, executive director, operations for Quality Certification Alliance, joined the show to tell us why those things matter to modern promo buyers and how brand safety represents a big opportunity for promo businesses, while giving some real-life worst-case scenarios of compliance gone wrong.

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Rebranding Complete


Check Out The Redesigned Logo, Website & Blog 

Back in January, we debuted a new participation model in an effort to expand engagement and involvement. As a part of our overall organizational revitalization plan, we’ve also completed a rebranding initiative by redesigning not only our logo but also the website and blog to deliver easier navigation, overall better user experience and more robust content.

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Undoing Commodity Damage

How You Can Help Procurement Professionals Focus On Value Not Price

Salespeople and procurement professionals tend to be diametrically opposed. Salespeople want to maximize profit and procurement officers want to minimize price. The result has been the commoditization of many promotional products—everything from drinkware, apparel, tech products and even rubber duckies. Because of the price pressures, our industry has responded by importing more and more cheap goods to meet the growing demand.

While these procurement pros have received what they asked for, there’s also been a host of unintended consequences: Products that contain harmful chemicals, are not ethically made nor manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner. For Fortune 1,000 companies, these are critical issues that can seriously damage their brand reputations.

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Getting In Touch With Higher Education Buyers

What You Must Know To Effectively Sell To This Market

Universities and colleges use branded merchandise across so many avenues—from gift and spirit stores to student recruiting, alumni groups, on-campus events, athletic events, advocacy efforts and more. As prolific as promotional products are around campuses, many of these higher-education marketers are not at all familiar with our industry’s supply chain.

To make it even more confusing, the collegiate structure makes it difficult to determine who owns the process since it encompasses everything from spirit shops, bookstores, alumni events, sports clubs, sports teams, advocacy events, departmental promotions, etc. However, one thing is certain; there are definitely many opportunities for educating these education marketers in terms of brand safety and responsible sourcing of their logoed goods.

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BRAND SAFETY Resonates with Marketing Professionals at AMA Higher Education Symposium

For an audience that already understands social responsibility and environmental stewardship, introducing three more essential BRAND SAFETY categories to round out the five pillars of compliance seemed to be a natural fit. The American Marketing Association (AMA) recently held its 2017 Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education in Atlanta, Georgia. The event attracted over 1200 attendees fixated on discovering fresh ways to engage audiences.

Keynote speakers included Stefanie Miller, Coca-Cola Company Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnership Marketing and Jaime Casap, Google Education Evangelist.

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Study Shows Consumers Will Pay a Price Premium for Brands that Take a Stand

Although recent studies show that trust in the government and public institutions is declining, the same is not true for brands. In fact, new research from global marketing and communications firm Edelman suggests consumers may trust brands more than the government.

The 2017 Edelman Earned Brand study, released last month, reports that 51 percent of those surveyed said that brands could do more to solve social ills than the government. Consumers want more from brands today; they want to know if brands will step up to the plate environmentally and socially in ways the government has failed.

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AMA Conf. Attendees Abuzz by Message of BRAND PROTECTION

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Las Vegas to participate in the American Marketing Association’s 2017 Annual Conference, held at Caesars Palace Hotel. It was a small group – only 300 attendees – but the gathering attracted some big names.

Keynote and session speakers included Nancy Poznoff, Starbucks VP of Marketing; Andrew Keller; Facebook Global Creative Director; Andrew Swinand, Leo Burnett CEO; and Brad Batesole, LinkedIn Marketing Consultant. Also, representatives from Deloitte, JPMorgan Chase and Content Marketing Institute attended. Like I said: big names, small group.

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Compelling Associations to Value Promotional Products and Associate with Brand Reputation

You would think that the attendees of a conference held by an association for association executives would be hyper-aware of compliance issues. But I discovered, upon attending the Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), that this isn’t necessarily the case.

Promotional Products Providers

It’s a given that trade associations are significant users of promotional products. Because their events provide a venue for their distribution of mass amounts of promotional products, I expected them to know about promotional products. I was not disappointed. With the number of trade shows run by associations, the association executives I spoke to were very familiar with promotional products.

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