Align your organization’s values with the promotional product industry’s only validated brand safety and responsible sourcing compliance solution.

Why Become a QCA Affiliate?

The global supply chain may have made the world smaller; however, an unintended consequence was that it also opened the world to greater risk. Monitoring one’s own direct supply chain is complicated enough. Managing and having visibility into multiple indirect vendor supply chains is even more difficult. This is why partnering with and/or seeking on proven third-party accreditations and certifications is mission-critical in today’s complex supply chain activities.

When investing heavily in maintaining your direct supply chain, it only makes sense to support efforts within your indirect supply chain that reinforce those same business objectives and protocols. Doing so in a manner that does not require additional resources is a bonus. QCA can help protect your brand reputation, maintain your indirect supply chain’s integrity, and help you to communicate your values and compliance requirements.

Moreover, for a modest investment, you can help influence higher standards of accountability and responsible behavior through ethical sourcing and more sustainable manufacturing efforts.


    • Participation in Affiliate Roundtable
    • List of participating promotional products companies (distributors and suppliers) – updated and provided quarterly
    • Brand safety newsletter
    • Opportunity to drive positive change throughout an industry
    • Easy access to brand safety leaders
    • Enhanced management of brand integrity and risk mitigation
    • Indirect supply chain accountability

    Aligning Values

    Formally align with other companies that are committed to ethical business practices and higher standards of conduct in the marketing procurement community. Apply now to participate in the only non-profit, non-governing, independent third-party committed to protecting brand reputations through validated compliance best practices for manufacturers and importers of promotional products.

    Affiliate Participation Requirements

    Any organization, that is not considered part of the promotional products industry, that utilizes the services of the promotional products industry and supports the corporation’s standards for promotional products is eligible to participate as an Affiliate. Affiliates help hold the promotional product industry accountable to higher standards of responsible behavior through ethical sourcing and more sustainable manufacturing efforts. They will be expected to provide feedback and suggest improvements and enhancements to the QCA programs as part of the Affiliate Roundtable.

    *The organization’s position within the supply chain and for-profit/not-for-profit status will be verified prior to acceptance of a submission for participation. 

    Participation Fees

    Participation fees are based on two tiers: 1) for-profit and 2) not-for-profit/higher education. All applicants are required to meet set qualification criteria to participate as a QCA Affiliate, before gaining access to the full participation benefits.

    • For-profit = $500 annually
    • Not-for-profit / Higher education = $100 annually