Environmental Impact

Raw plastics materialsSafety and compliance encompass more than a company’s processes and products. Improving environmental impact is an important part of corporate social responsibility, which is why QCA Accreditation includes Environmental Stewardship Compliance. From a client-customer’s initial interaction through delivered product, accredited QCA companies strive to assure their policies protect and preserve the environment. 

QCA Accredited companies also have policies, procedures and protocols in place that ensure products manufactured and imported by the accredited company are produced in a manner that protects the health of the people and the environment in which they are manufactured and distributed.

Here’s a closer look at the environmental requirements included in our accreditation process. All QCA Accredited companies must have:

  • A documented policy that assures continuous improvement in relation to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle efforts.
  • A documented protocol for assuring a healthful work environment throughout the supply chain.
  • A documented protocol for assuring compliance with applicable regulatory requirements in all finished and packaged products provided to end users.
  • A documented means for communicating banned and restricted substances to those manufacturing products on the company’s behalf.
  • Assignment of the Environmental Stewardship responsibilities to a specific position within the company.

Additionally, QCA Accredited companies are encouraged to distribute a restricted substance list, created by QCA, to their supply base as part of an ongoing education effort to make manufacturers aware of substances that are regulated, restricted and banned by the U.S. government and state agencies.