When viewed holistically, brand safety is about much more than content placement. It encompasses every aspect of a brand’s image. In reality, brand reputation is exposed anywhere a company logo, name, tagline and so forth are located. Whether or not the results of exposure are positive or negative is dependent upon the awareness of risks associated with each medium and the actions taken to mitigate the associated risk. Focusing on digital media alone is short-sided and dangerous.

Branded merchandise provides an example of the most common form of advertising with logos. Nearly every organization uses branded merchandise in one way or another. Brand reputations are tied to these products the same way they are tied to digital media.

Unfortunately, many advertisers are not aware of the potential pitfalls and risks associated with branded merchandise that could expose their organization to similar risks related to digital marketing. Fortunately, there are ways users of branded merchandise can protect themselves. This white paper provides awareness and guidance that will help to protect and grow your brand.

The products are not the problem. Rather, the manner in which they are sourced is what causes the most significant concern.