For Spector & Co., Brand Safety Is About Constant Improvement And Never Resting

Looking back at Spector & Co.’s catalog cover history, you can see how the company has evolved from only selling pens in 1964 to more than 500 products today, including journals, tech, travel, business accessories and, of course, writing instruments. Operating out of a 100,000 square-foot facility in St. Laurent, QC, Spector & Co. employees around 400 office and factory staff, including Chris Pearson, director of compliance and overseas operations, who leads the responsible sourcing efforts to help promotional products distributors keep end buyers’ brands safe.

“It’s all about reinforcing reliability and instilling confidence in overall brand image,” he says. “Brand safety never stops; it’s a continuous process of constant improvement to ensure we’re putting out the best products we can.”

Consistently delivering safe, high-quality, socially compliant and environmentally conscientious merchandise may seem like a daunting task with such an extensive product line, but having a process in place, even if it’s rigorous, makes it easier.

There’s a misconception that going through QCA Accreditation is hard, but Chris says the process itself is not difficult. “It is clearly laid out and defined,” he says. “However, it is a rigorous process as it scrutinizes all areas of supply and production. All processes and procedures are reviewed and updated/modified when necessary. Deficiencies are examined and processes are put in place to improve these points and prevent situations from happening in the future.”

Putting an entire company’s procedures under a microscope can be uncomfortable. However, Chris says the challenge to better themselves has paid off in many ways, including landing new business. “We had been restricted from quoting on jobs from a specific customer until we became QCA Accredited,” Chris says. “The Accreditation opened the door for discussion and collaboration on projects that we previously could not be a part of.”

Chris has seen first-hand that buyers’ expectations have changed and they are demanding more. Moreover, therein lies the opportunity. “For any company looking to really evaluate and tighten up their processes, going through the QCA Accreditation Program is a great, honest look that reveals all your strengths and your imperfections,” he says. “If you are truly committed to brand safety and improving as a company, this is a great process to go through.”