PromoPulse QCA Partnership

Want to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the promotional products industry but there’s just so much noise in your social feeds? There’s got to be an easier way

Hello PromoPulse, the promotional products industry’s first mobile app dedicated to ideas, inspiration and information. To help spread the news of QCA participants, we’ve partnered with PromoPulse to create two custom, collated feeds—one that features news from QCA Accredited Suppliers and another that showcases info from distributors who are QCA Certified as well as those who participate in QCA’s Advocacy Council.

“Hosting custom feeds for QCA, who ensures accountability and independent validation of compliance best practices for suppliers and distributors, allows us to provide users with the information they want from QCA participating companies all in one place in real time,” says Jason Nokes, PromoPulse founder. “Ensuring product safety and responsible sourcing in the promotional products industry is paramount, and having access to these feeds simplifies the search for information from companies that have comprehensive compliance programs.”

We love that PromoPulse is helping the industry gain broader exposure with targeted news, information and storytelling. This unique value gives QCA participants yet another avenue to spread the word regarding what they’re doing to meet compliance demands in the marketplace. Having curated feeds is a huge time saver and allows users to stay up-to-date in just minutes a day.

View the exclusive feed for Accredited Suppliers here and for Certified Distributors/Advocacy Council participants here.