IMAGEN Brands - Accreditation Gives Helping Hand

Building a comprehensive compliance and sustainability program from the ground up can be a daunting task. Not only must you address product safety and environmental stewardship, but you also must tackle product quality, social responsibility and supply chain security. It’s a tall order for sure, but it is possible for companies to achieve if they properly hire expertise and dedicate the time and resources to develop and maintain a program.

But there is another way.

Rather than creating a compliance program from scratch, IMAGEN Brands (parent company for Crown Products and Vitronic) decided that partnering with QCA was the best option. Why? QCA offers a framework that walks them through the process and keeps them on track. They didn’t have to figure out what to do and then set out to do it; they knew what to do from the beginning—saving them time and money.

Also, the QCA Accreditation Program is built to be comprehensive. It addresses the five pillars of compliance, which allows IMAGEN Brands to immediately begin assessing their processes and making corrections in the areas that matters most. The result: They can meet customer demands quicker and with more ease. And that benefits the bottom line.

IMAGEN Brands - Carissa Roepke“Throughout the years, QCA has proven to be a huge asset to our company,” says Carissa Roepke, compliance specialist for IMAGEN Brands. “The organization has provided exceptional training and guidance, putting our company on the right path to not only social responsibility but product safety as well.”

Because the compliance landscape is forever changing and evolving, one of the many benefits of QCA participation is the continual sharing of information on topics that impact a company’s ability to remain compliant. From legislative updates to the latest best practices in sustainability and corporate social responsibility, QCA gives its participants a welcome helping hand so they can stay on top of the important issues.

“Prior to partnering with QCA, we didn’t realize the extent of resources the organization provides to help discover possible compliance gaps and the support that is given to correct them,” Carissa says. “The QCA team is always quick to respond with clear and detailed information anytime we have a question, and they always take the time to make sure we understand not only the ‘how’ but the ‘why’ behind rules and regulations.”

Having this kind of strong support as well as the deep understanding of the process is extremely important as companies not only achieve accreditation but also as they reaccredit every two years. Crown Products has been accredited since 2012, and Vitronic has been accredited since 2015. This kind of long-term commitment to overall brand safety and responsible sourcing speaks volumes to distributors who want to work with suppliers that truly comprehend compliance and recognize how it can be used as a competitive advantage.

“We protect our customers’ brands as if they were our very own,” Carissa says. “That’s why we strive to lead the industry in product assessment, safety, testing and compliance evaluations prior to market launch. We want to ensure our products not only delight and enrich but are upheld to the highest product and safety standards. QCA is a great partner in helping us achieve this goal,” Carissa says. “If you are willing to put in the work for constant improvement, so are they.”