Participation Has Benefits

As part of the QCA Community, you will raise the standards for ethical sourcing in an industry in need of greater oversight and accountability. Together, QCA participants will drive demand for industry improvements and compliance with standards and best practices in social accountability, product safety, environmental stewardship, quality and supply chain security.

  • Learn From Brand Safety Leaders: Participate in a vibrant community of responsible sourcing experts and leading branded merchandise companies. Collaborate with and learn from peers and colleagues throughout the branded merchandise supply chain. Marketing, procurement and compliance professionals will also benefit from training and educational opportunities on brand safety and responsible sourcing topics related to direct and indirect spend.
  • Access Tools And Resources: Responsible sourcing is no longer an option for today’s businesses—especially those with strong brand reputations and public brand purpose objectives. Participation in QCA ensures your company is aligned with industry-wide accountability expectations. Access tools and resources that align your indirect spend and marketing objectives with your overall corporate responsibility and sustainability performance goals. Essential brand safety tools include: Only independent third-party verification focused specifically on branded merchandise, industry-leading responsible sourcing webinars, support from industry brand safety and compliance leaders, access to QCA collaborative partners and more.
  • Improve efficiency: Access shared compliance outcomes and factory audits. Guidance on best practices designed to protect your brand, ensure continuous improvement in supply-chain sustainability and improve efficiencies that also lower operational costs.
  • Trailblaze: Ensure your company is ahead of emerging reputational risks and brand safety management. Affiliation with QCA offers the essential resources and tools that your company needs to stay abreast of critical developments in marketing procurement and compliance.

Having a QCA designation demonstrates to clients and prospects that you are dedicated to ethical and responsible business standards. It is a clear sign of your commitment to brand safety and responsible sourcing when you voluntarily choose to be held to higher standards. Standards that take into account far more than occasional chemical testing.

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