Benefits of Accreditation

QCA Accreditation brings a number of benefits that improve product lines, enhance organizational credibility, and directly impact both top- and bottom-line results.

Industry Leadership And Product Differentiation

  • QCA Accredited companies take the leadership role in improving industry standards.
  • QCA Accredited companies have a proactive comprehensive compliance program in place to protect the brand equity of the end user clients.
  • QCA Accreditation enhances an accredited supplier’s reputation, increases brand value and opens doors to accounts with the most demanding purchasing standards—ultimately growing sales.
  • QCA Accreditation differentiates competing product offerings, thereby increasing demand for QCA Accredited Suppliers’ products.
  • QCA Accreditation is a searchable field in many industry product-sourcing tools, thus delivering even more differentiation from competitors.
  • QCA Accreditation delivers a greater ROI for new or existing safe product efforts via independent third-party accreditation verses self-certification that isn’t independently evaluated.

Cost Savings for Compliance Program Development and Execution

  • The QCA Compliance Accreditation Program works toward the standardization of compliance responses for end user clients, which eliminates redundancy and additional unnecessary costs.
  • QCA Applicants and Accredited Companies receive testing and auditing cost savings through leveraging their collective testing and auditing services spend.  QCA companies are the industry’s super users of these services.
  • The QCA Compliance Accreditation Program reduces audit fatigue because it harmonizes industry standards, resulting in an overall reduction of the number of audits required of industry organizations.
  • The framework for a comprehensive compliance program built into QCA Accreditation simplifies the development process and dramatically reduces the costs associated with developing an independent, supplier-specific solution.
  • The gap analysis approach in the QCA Compliance Accreditation Program reduces costs associated with consulting and/or compliance officers because program development is achieved through guided exchanges aimed toward effective policies, procedures and protocols.
  • A legitimate third-party audited compliance program can be delivered faster and ROI achieved quicker through QCA Accreditation.
  • The QCA Compliance Accreditation Program allows for storage of testing and certificate of conformity documents.
  • QCA Applicants and Accredited Suppliers are eligible for cost reductions on factory audits, ink testing program, product testing and XRF guns.

Cost Savings on Continued Compliance Education

  • QCA Accredited Suppliers receive frequent updates and education on all rapidly changing regulatory requirements and how they specifically impact the industry.
  • Education and training on new and relevant safety and compliance information are also offered to QCA Accredited Suppliers, keeping them informed of changing global standards.
  • QCA Executive Directors attend and report back on CPSC, ICPHSO and other industry product safety conferences.
  • CPSC and product safety networking events are also scheduled, allowing QCA Accredited companies to learn best practices from experts and each other.

The Benefits of Compliance — From BAG MAKERS