Kenneth Ross Product Liability Prevention: Post-Sale Duty to Warn 

Post-sale duties have been expanding in the United States by court decision and legislative action.
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Promo Marketing: Speaking of Brand Safety: Are Promo Industry Firms So Desperate For Short-Term Gains That They’re Willing To Gamble Their Future?  

Every July, Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) publishes the annual State Of The Industry Report. The 2018 survey results reveal some very interesting and, quite frankly, disturbing facts about the state of product safety in the promotional products industry: It’s almost nonexistent.
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Printwear Magazine: Report: Apparel Industry Commitment to Sustainability Lukewarm 

Green America recently shared a report "Toxic Textiles" that scores apparel companies on their commitment to eco-consciousness and ethicality. The results were mixed across fourteen major apparel clothing companies. 
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Advertising Specialty Institute: SOI 2019: Product Safety: Concern & Responsibility    

Promo firms recognize the need for more awareness, but is that enough? 
More than one-third of suppliers didn’t spend any money on product safety measures in 2018. Looking ahead, the vast majority of suppliers don’t plan to boost product safety spending in 2019.

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NonProfitPRO: 5 Pillars of NonProfit Brand Safety   

Nonprofits and organizations with missions to improve the quality of life for a group of constituents or right the wrongs of injustice have a greater responsibility to ensure that their marketing mediums align with their values. Promoting these kinds of causes with irresponsibly sourced branded merchandise that could potentially cause physical harm, induce sickness or violate human rights goes against the very reasons nonprofit organizations exist...
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Target Marketing Magazine: 5 Methods to Protect Your Brand Reputation During Promotional Campaigns

How do you protect your brand reputation? One way is to do your due diligence, even when purchasing promotional products to market your brand. Here are the five pillars of brand safety when marketing with promotional products. 
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Promo Marketing: Speaking of Brand Safety: Rationalizing Your Way Out of Responsible Promo Sourcing  

To justify taking the easy way out and not having the harder, more educational conversations with their customers, both suppliers and distributors tell themselves all kinds of lies: “My customers aren’t asking for it,” “My competitors aren’t doing it,” “It’s too expensive” and “No one has been caught.” What they may not realize is that these lies are costing them business...
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AMA Marketing News: Choosing The Right Promotional Products For Your Brand  

Promotional products might be an environmental nightmare, but they're also effective. What's an ethical marketer to do? Tread lightly and choose wisely.
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Promo Marketing: Speaking of Brand Safety: Promo Buyers’ Expectations: Can You Meet Their New Demands?

Gone are the days that distributors and their end buyers accept a supplier’s word that its products are socially compliant, safe, of high quality and environmentally conscious. Promo buyers are demanding verification throughout the entire supply chain to prove the promotional products they purchase will enhance—and not harm—their brands.
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Promo Marketing: ‘Cheap Swag’: How the Promo Industry Is Fighting a Decades-Old Perception Problem That Just Won’t Quit

The promotional products industry has come a long way from the days of cheap giveaways, the proverbial “trinkets and trash.” The best companies have put the focus on value, quality and responsible sourcing, helping the industry to a record-breaking $23.3 billion in 2017 revenue.

So why can’t it shake the nagging perception that it sells mostly cheap swag—and why does it matter?
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Associations NowThe Case For Responsibly Sourced Branded Merchandise

Last month, the American Association of Advertising Agencies announced the launch of a new brand safety initiative to create a process for flagging instances of ads appearing in an environment that the advertiser might find undesirable, notifying ad agencies, and investigating what happened.

These brand safety concerns were echoed in a recently released Quality Certification Alliance whitepaper…
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PPB MagazineGuest Viewpoint: From Best Practices To Industry Standards

Compliance with manufacturing standards continues to be a hot topic for the promotional products industry. It is regularly on the agenda at industry-sponsored training and education forums and written about by our industry media.

As the industry’s first and only third-party validated compliance accreditation organization, the Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) frequently receives inquiries from industry professionals concerned about standards, standards-development bodies and industry self-regulation. Confusion and misunderstandings often reside at the core of these questions.
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Product Safety Letter: New Solutions for Identifying Emerging Risks 2017

Companies that make and sell products, and the agencies that regulate them, are inundated with massive amounts of data received from a wide variety of sources. Whether the data come from a company’s customer service department or from postings on social media, the voluminous amount of data has become an overwhelming task to manage.

PPB Magazine: Why QCA May Be The Right Choice For Both Suppliers And Distributors

While selling has never been an easy profession, currently it’s more challenging than ever for a variety of reasons. Good salespeople connect with customers, earn their trust, deliver value to them and continue to nurture the relationship driving long-term account value. 
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