Importance of Accreditation and Certification

There are many factors to consider when selecting vendors to meet promotional products needs. Compliance with legislative, social and environmental requirements is a topic of increasing concern for everyone in the supply chain.

Because end-buyers are mandating that the promotional products they purchase are responsibly sourced, distributors have become more selective in determining their preferred suppliers. And consequently, suppliers are proactively taking steps to implement compliance programs that deter and detect unsafe products.

Compliance programs are a journey rather than a destination. Developing and implementing a comprehensive program takes a significant amount of commitment and time as companies integrate compliance expectations into their supply chains and the daily best practices of their organization.  

The following suppliers have taken the first step in creating a comprehensive compliance program by applying to participate in the QCA. These QCA Applicants must successfully complete all aspects of the specific Accreditation or Certification program in order to become QCA Accredited or Certified.  

Applicants for Accreditation 



St. Regis Group of Companies

Universal Strap/WOV-IN Brands

Note: Some applicant companies have chosen to remain confidential and are not included in the above listing.  

Applicants for Certification 

BDA, Inc.  

Blink Marketing  

Shumsky (A Boost Engagement Company)   

Stran Promotional Solutions   

Why These Companies Applied:

“As a third-generation family business doing things the right way is important to us. Moreover, as we continue to grow and regulations continue to change, we feel it’s beneficial for us to go through the QCA process. We want to continue to focus on compliance so that our customers are comfortable and confident working with us. This isn’t just about satisfying regulations; it is about improving as a company with the goal of taking care of our customers and our customers’ customers.”

~ Jessie Johnson, President, Universal Strap/WOV-IN Brands   

“We have customers that require compliance documentation,” she says when talking about the motivation behind applying for QCA Accreditation. “We want to have peace of mind knowing we are doing all in our power to run a responsible company. Then once we achieve Accreditation and can market ourselves as compliant, we hope even more sales doors will open.”  

~ Lori Metz, Operations Manager, C-Slide Holdings