Affiliate Organizations

Participation as an Affiliate

Participation in QCA as an Affiliate allows for organizations of all sizes, that use promotional products as part of their marketing mix, to publicly communicate their expectations of corporate responsibility and brand safety to the promotional products industry. The purpose of Affiliate level participation is to provide a medium where users of custom-branded merchandise (promotional products) can work alongside industry distributors and suppliers to advocate for brand safety through the responsible sourcing of promotional products.

As brand safety and supply chain transparency concerns continue to mount, the users of promotional products increasingly demand comprehensive solutions to the complex questions and proof of compliance in the areas of social responsibility, product safety, quality, environmental stewardship and supply chain security. When these buyers expect proof of corporate responsibility they look to industry distributors and suppliers that can provide a high-level of assurances.

Values and Expectations

The collective voices of Affiliates provide the necessary foundation to help QCA raise the level of awareness and performance for manufacturing and sourcing best practices. The higher level of accountability mitigates risk for brand reputations, improves working conditions for workers globally, and offers a higher degree of product safety assurances for products bearing their name and reputation.

These companies have formally committed to a new level of collaboration in this industry-changing initiative:

PSC NBC Universal's Product Safety Center logo

NBC Universal

The NBCUniversal Product Safety Center (PSC) is a product safety resource for NBCU business units purchasing Custom-Branded promotional products, to help protect our brands through product compliance.  The PSC supports NBCU businesses with consulting, resources, training, and screening of vendors for product safety responsibility.

Product Safety Letter logo

Product Safety Letter

The Product Safety Letter is an independent weekly newsletter for executives concerned with consumer product safety regulations, legislation and standards. The first focus of Product Safety Letter is the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Product Safety Letter also keeps readers abreast of consumer product injury prevention at both the state and the international levels, as well as such activities by standards organizations, testing labs, consumer groups, industry associations, research entities, and others.

Recall Results logo

Recall Results

Recall Results is an outsourced product recall services firm based in St. Louis, Missouri. Recall Results has experience and expertise extending across the recall landscape and has performed recall and safety programs for many leading corporations spanning multiple products, industries and regulatory agencies.

Services include: Recall Notifications, Call Center and Website Support, Product Recovery, Destruction and Replacements, Refund Processing, Onsite Repairs and Reporting.