Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) is the only coalition dedicated to ensuring accountability and independent validation of corporate responsibility throughout the promotional product industry’s supply chain.

For the first time, users of custom-branded merchandise can work alongside industry distributors and suppliers to advocate for brand safety through the responsible sourcing of promotional products. 

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Five Pillars of Compliance

A robust compliance program needs a strong foundation. All accredited/certified companies must demonstrate compliance in all five areas of compliance to achieve and maintain accreditation or certification status


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Tips for Protecting Brands

When viewed holistically, brand safety  encompasses every aspect of a brand’s image. Moreover, a brand reputation is exposed anywhere a company logo is located. Positive or negative exposure is dependent upon the associated risks.


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Is Your Brand Safe?

What are your promotional products vendors doing to protect your brand? Are they proactively providing compliance documentation? Do they have verified, active compliance programs? Protect your brand!


Value of QCA Accreditation

Pierre Martichoux, founder and principal of Chameleon Like, discusses his experience and successes related to QCA accreditation, corporate social responsibility and product liability. Going above and beyond for brand safety.