Safety, compliance and social responsibility aren’t new, but they are the new normal. Companies today are more interested than ever in product quality and product safety when considering promotional merchandise. As a result, distributors are faced with a daunting task. They must provide compliant products as expected by their clients, which in turn provides a reliably safe impression of their clients’ brand for consumers. It’s a lot of responsibility. And exactly the reason the accreditation process was developed by QCA.

QCA Accreditation is a process of comprehensive validation that confirms a promotional products supplier has quality assurance processes in place to detect and prevent non-compliant product from entering the marketplace. The QCA Certification Process harmonizes the ever-increasing array of compliance tools, identifies and measures the most rigorous standards, and continuously updates the methodology to reflect evolving concerns. Safety, compliance and social responsibility are constantly evolving, and working with a leader like QCA ensures companies are always operating on the best, most current data and that their processes and systems remain not only effective, but also reliably up-to-date.

Providing safe and suitable promotional products is an essential component of doing business in today’s hyper-competitive environment. Fortune 1000 clients expect safe and compliant products, and smaller businesses are also beginning to require the same assurances.

QCA Accreditation increases buying confidence because it protects brand equity throughout the entire supply chain: from the promotional products supplier, through the distributor, to the end buyer and ultimately to the final end user.

Companies with QCA Accreditation can be confident they have a proactive and comprehensive compliance program in place. These standards not only address product safety and quality issues, but also legislative, social, and environmental requirements. These standards also protect the reputation of the industry. When one company has an issue, it reflects poorly on the industry as a whole. QCA Accreditation eliminates the unnecessary risks of non-compliance and also establishes protocols in the event of a recall.