Concerns about promotional product safety, compliance and social responsibility certainly aren’t new, but they’re becoming increasingly critical in today’s marketplace. Suppliers that make an investment in product quality and product safety demonstrate that they’re committed to addressing client product safety concerns, paving the way for more lucrative opportunities with end-users that expect the “New Normal” level of accountability.

Quality Certification Alliance works today primarily with North American manufacturers and importers of record to elevate the standards for promotional products, as well as suppliers interested in delivering safe, high quality, socially compliant and environmentally conscientious merchandise. QCA Accreditation ensures the necessary processes are in place to deliver consistently safe and responsibly produced merchandise. The QCA Accreditation process is an incredibly thorough one. Accreditation takes approximately 15 to 18 months and includes multiple independent third-party audits, as well as compliance with stringent standards.

Businesses are faced with more challenges than ever in today’s hyper-competitive market. Purchasing from suppliers with QCA Accreditation makes sure product safety and compliance aren’t among those concerns. Accredited companies have a proactive and comprehensive compliance program in place that increases buying confidence by protecting brand equity throughout the entire supply chain. Distributors purchasing promotional products from QCA Accredited suppliers can relax, knowing those suppliers care enough to ensure the safest, most safely manufactured, socially compliant and environmentally conscious merchandise possible.

Product safety and compliance are today’s “new normal” when it comes to doing business. Is your company ready to take the next step to success?