Companies who have gone through the QCA accreditation process are, without exception the greatest advocates of accreditation. They not only realize that accreditation is the next step for them in terms of social accountability, safety and compliance, they realize that the process of accreditation is part of what allows them to take their businesses to the next level. They know that in order to do business with some of the largest companies in the world, you’ve got to do and be the kind of company that they can trust to work with as a vendor partner, using the kinds of processes and safety and compliance measures that protect them. Here are what some of our accredited members have to say:

“The saying ‘It wouldn’t be easy, but it will be worth it’ defiantly applies to QCA Accreditation. Suppliers and distributors must educate themselves and implement stringent standards as they pertain to supply chain control as well as testing and auditing of their companies and products to preserve this wonderful industry against sub-par companies and products. We have taken great pride in going through the QCA Accreditation program to ensure our customers and end-buyers that their employees, clients and company brands are safe when choosing SnugZ.”

~ Brandon Mackay, President, SnugZ USA

“In early 2009, we realized the need to formally document our product safety best practices and decided to apply for the QCA Accreditation Program. The process has helped all our key employees, supervisors and factory workers embrace the concept and achieve the goal of becoming QCA Certified, which is one of the most important achievements in our company history.”

~ Gary Hellinger, Founder / CEO, Garyline

“Through this certification program, QCA provides a consistent framework for product quality and safety standards, which are becoming more and more important as legislation that directly affects the promotional products industry continues to be enacted. Providing products that meet the QCA Seal of Approval requirements are important not only for the overall future success of QCA members but the industry as well.”

~ Jeff Lederer, President, Prime Resources Corp.

“Our industry cannot continue to address this topic in a reactive nature. End users must know that their products are safe and comply with all laws. True client advocacy means we must take the steps to implement processes that ensure their brands are protected rather than accept things at face value. The QCA Accreditation program is the first major step in creating a sea of change in the promotional products industry because it holds companies accountable for the products that end-up in consumers’ lives.”

~Jay Deutsch, CEO and Co-Founder, Bensussen Deutsch & Associates, Inc. (BDA).

“With its exclusive focus on the promotional products industry, QCA has created the only comprehensive framework for compliance-related activities. While Leed’s has increased our own compliance efforts within the last several years, QCA now provides clear and established standards for our industry, which is something that was greatly needed. Ultimately, going through this process will make our own program more effective and will ensure the industry takes a proactive stance toward what is an increasingly important issue. The QCA audit process highlights the importance of well-documented procedures across every activity within our business. As a result of our QCA accreditation, we are now able to benchmark our internal compliance program and better gauge our progress.”

~ David Nicholson, President, Leed’s