New Solutions for Identifying Emerging Risks 2017

Companies that make and sell products, and the agencies that regulate them, are inundated with massive amounts of data received from a wide variety of sources. Whether the data come from a company’s customer service department or from postings on social media, the voluminous amount of data has become an overwhelming task to manage.
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Promo Marketing Responsibility Issue 2012

Collaborating For Compliance–And Industry-Wide Change

What began as a legislative requirement has changed the way the promotional products industry does business.

 Collaborating For Compliance


Promo Marketing Responsibility Issue 2012

Getting Inked

To manufacture a safe and compliant product, all components of the product must be tested–down to the last drop of ink.

Getting Inked


Promowear Magazine November/December 2009

Sea Of Change

The CPSIA is the first wave of regulations to hit the promotional products industry–but it won’t be the last.

2009-12 CPSIA Feature For Promowear