Distributors Pledge Support For QCA

QCA Networking Event 2010Fortune 1000 customers are becoming more proficient at vetting their promotional products supply chains, and they are demanding their promotional vendors provide a proactive, comprehensive compliance solution. Recognizing both the need for a solution and the absence of an industry standard for product safety and compliance, a group of forward-thinking industry leaders banded together to create QCA.

While suppliers by definition accept much of the product safety and compliance responsibility, distributors play an active role in the process by choosing to work primarily with suppliers that have demonstrated they can proactively meet the needs of their end-buyer clients. Proactive comprehensive compliance programs require new levels of collaboration and partnership at every level in the supply chain in order to be successful. These deeper supplier/distributor relationships result in better solutions to Fortune 1000 customer compliance requirements as well as greater protection for the value of their brands.

The QCA Distributor Advocacy Council (DAC) enables participants to formally commit to meeting the higher standards of Fortune 1000 companies through partnering with QCA Accredited Suppliers that have been independently verified as having processes and procedures in place to consistently deliver safe and compliant products.

To show their commitment to protecting their clients’ brands, DAC participants sign the Charter to affirm that they:

  1. Recognize QCA as the industry standard for product safety and compliance and support its mission to elevate the standards by which industry firms that import and/or manufacture products provide consistently safe, high quality, socially compliant and environmentally conscientious merchandise
  2. Commit to partnering with QCA in educating their employees on the various aspects of compliance, becoming familiar with the state and federal requirements that must be met on behalf of their Fortune 1000 customers
  3. Understand compliance solutions are often best when they reflect a collaborative effort between distributors and suppliers
  4. Recognize the commitment to product safety and compliance QCA Accredited Suppliers are making and elevate these suppliers within their preferred supplier programs, making them primary supplier partners in servicing their Fortune 1000 client needs
  5. Pledge that 90% of their purchasing volume will come from QCA Accredited Suppliers by Year End 2015 as a commitment to meeting their client expectations for product safety solutions

To view the QCA Distributor Advocacy Council Charter in its entirety, click here.

Together, the Distributor Advocacy Council and QCA Accredited Suppliers are forming a new level of collaboration in this industry-changing effort. This strong partnership raises the bar and proves the only effective way to ensure supply chain transparency and control in our industry is through the comprehensive compliance solution offered by QCA. Why buy from anyone else?

To date, 15 companies, which represent more than $800 million in annual promotional products sales, have signed the QCA DAC Charter and pledged their support of the organization as well as QCA Certified Suppliers. They are:

A Brand Company, LLC, based in Charlotte, North Carolina

Axis Promotions, based in New York, New York

Bensussen Deutsch & Associates, Inc. (BDA), based in Woodinville, Washington

The Image Group, based in Holland, Ohio

InnerWorkings, Inc., based in Chicago, Illinois

Lapine Associates, Inc., based in Stamford, Connecticut

Leaderpromos, based in Columbus, Ohio

MadeToOrder, based in Pleasanton, California

Overture Premiums & Promotions, based in Vernon Hills, Illinois

PromoShop Inc., based in Los Angeles, California

Shumsky Enterprises, based in Dayton, Ohio

Signet, Inc., based in Memphis, Tennessee

Summit Group, based in Silver Spring, Maryland

The Promotional Specialists, based in Markham, Ontario, Canada

What distributors are saying:

“Shumsky is committed to providing our clients with a safer and more responsible solution relative to promotional products, and becoming aligned with the Quality Certification Alliance through our participation of the Distributor Advocacy Council (DAC) has been a compelling catalyst. It is very satisfying to have a seat at the table in this unique time of making a difference for the industry and the clients who buy promotional products. Not many organizations have the opportunity to truly be a pioneer, and Shumsky is proud to be a part of QCA’s mission of responsibility.”

Mike Emoff
Shumsky Enterprises

“As a distributor who works with large automotive companies, charities and consumer package goods, we see that sophisticated buyers are aware of the scope of regulatory and social compliance, product quality and supply chain security issues. They know the challenges and are taking material steps to mitigate their risk—including shifting their spend to distributors and suppliers who get it. They already know the QCA brand and recognize the value of QCA Accreditation. The distributors and suppliers who support QCA are the ones who are gaining end buyers’ confidence. We have seen business come to us and QCA Accredited Suppliers because end buyers believe that a company that has invested in QCA will invest in ensuring their orders are done right. Suppliers should not only be thinking of QCA Accreditation as an industry specific standard in the making. Rather, they need to recognize that QCA is to promotional product buyers what ISO is to buyers in the automotive industry. It is table stakes. Without it, you don’t have a seat at the table; and without a seat, you won’t know about the business that is going elsewhere.”

Aaron Moscoe
TPS Canada

“QCA is a potentially game changing effort for our industry and could possibly be one of the most significant movements in years. QCA raises the bar for both suppliers and distributors, and it provides our corporate clients with a better compliance solution than is available anywhere else in our industry. Being part of the QCA Distributor Advocacy Council tells our clients that we are serious about protecting the immense brand equity they have spent decades building. Selling safe and compliant products through QCA Accredited Suppliers is a way to distinguish oneself from competitors, and there is significant opportunity for increased market share and greater revenue. The QCA initiative is one of the highest priorities for our company in the coming years.”

Rod Brown