The Many Benefits Of QCA Accreditation

QCA Accreditation brings a number of benefits that improve product lines, enhance organizational credibility, and directly impact both top- and bottom-line results.

Industry Leadership And Product Differentiation

  • Silk Screening MachineQCA Accredited companies take the leadership role in improving industry standards.
  • QCA Accredited companies have a proactive comprehensive compliance program in place to protect the brand equity of the end user clients.
  • QCA Accreditation enhances an accredited supplier’s reputation, increases brand value and opens doors to accounts with the most demanding purchasing standards—ultimately growing sales.
  • QCA Accreditation differentiates competing product offerings, thereby increasing demand for QCA Certified Suppliers’ products.
  • QCA Accreditation is a searchable field in many industry product-sourcing tools, thus delivering even more differentiation from competitors.
  • QCA Accreditation delivers a greater ROI for new or existing safe product efforts via independent third-party accreditation verses self-certification that isn’t independently evaluated.

Cost Savings For Compliance Program Development and Execution

  • The QCA Compliance Accreditation Program works toward the standardization of compliance responses for end user clients, which eliminates redundancy and additional unnecessary costs.
  • QCA Applicants and Accredited Companies receive testing and auditing cost savings through leveraging their collective testing and auditing services spend.  QCA companies are the industry’s super users of these services.
  • The QCA Compliance Accreditation Program reduces audit fatigue because it harmonizes industry standards, resulting in an overall reduction of the number of audits required of industry organizations.
  • The framework for a comprehensive compliance program built into QCA Accreditation simplifies the development process and dramatically reduces the costs associated with developing an independent, supplier-specific solution.
  • The gap analysis approach in the QCA Compliance Accreditation Program reduces costs associated with consulting and/or compliance officers because program development is achieved through guided exchanges aimed toward effective policies, procedures and protocols.
  • A legitimate third-party audited compliance program can be delivered faster and ROI achieved quicker through QCA Accreditation.
  • The QCA Compliance Accreditation Program allows for storage of testing and certificate of conformity documents.
  • QCA Applicants and Accredited Suppliers are eligible for cost reductions on factory audits, product testing and XRF guns.

Cost Savings On Continued Compliance Education

  • QCA Accredited Suppliers receive frequent updates and education on all rapidly changing regulatory requirements and how they specifically impact the industry.
  • Education and training on new and relevant safety and compliance information are also offered to QCA Accredited Suppliers, keeping them informed of changing global standards.
  • QCA Executive Directors attend and report back on CPSC, ICPHSO and other industry product safety conferences.
  • CPSC and product safety networking events are also scheduled, allowing QCA Accredited companies to learn best practices from experts and each other.

To learn about the QCA Accreditation process and how to get begin, review Getting Started With QCA: A Quick Reference Guide.

To inquire further about becoming a QCA Applicant, contact Tim Brown at


What industry practitioners are saying:

“The saying ‘It wouldn’t be easy but it will be worth it’ defiantly applies to achieving QCA Accreditation. Suppliers and distributors must educate themselves and implement stringent standards as they pertain to supply chain control as well as testing and auditing of their companies and products to preserve this wonderful industry against sub par companies and products. We have taken great pride in going through the QCA Accreditation process to ensure our customers and end users that their employees, clients and company brands are safe when choosing SnugZ.”

Brandon Mackay

“We had a department that dealt with everyday compliance and quality processes and worked on our internal policies and procedures. It was a robust system, but there is always room for improvement, and the QCA process helped highlight our shortcomings. This is a big opportunity for us as a manufacturer and for our customers. It demonstrates to the industry how much we care about the compliance, responsible sourcing, and QC process. Also, it gives our customers confidence that we are doing all that we can to protect them and their customer’s brands.”

Chris Pearson
Director of Compliance
Spector & Co.