QCA Accreditation: Scope

In today’s business climate, promotional products buyers expect their vendor partners to proactively address the topics of safety and compliance. Distributors have the daunting task of providing safe and compliant products to their end buyer clients, and with QCA Certified Suppliers, they have a proven pool of product offerings as sources.

In order to provide the accountability necessary to assure buyers and end users that products meet applicable measures of compliance, QCA Accreditation tests not only for the presence of and completeness of compliance programs but also the effectiveness of these programs in detecting and deterring noncompliance. This comprehensive program assess five key areas:

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QCA Accreditation: Process

The QCA Certification process is a comprehensive validation that confirms a promotional products supplier has processes in place intended to detect and deter any non-compliant product from entering into the marketplace.

Additionally, QCA Accreditation verifies compliance with local and national laws as well as the laws of the country that may be importing the item for consumption.

The QCA Certification Process harmonizes the ever-increasing array of compliance tools, identifies the most rigorous standards, measures these standards, and continuously revises and updates the measures and methodology to reflect evolving concerns.

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QCA Accreditation: Benefits

QCA Certification brings a number of benefits that improve product lines, enhance organizational credibility, and directly impact both top- and bottom-line results.

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QCA Accreditation: Get Started

To learn more about how to begin with QCA and to download application materials, click here.


Quality Certification Alliance: Quality and Safety. Delivered.

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“Achieving QCA certification has been a rigorous and rewarding process that has resulted in a much enhanced quality partnership with all of our factories because of the comprehensive system of checks and balances that is in place to ensure product safety, regulatory compliance and social accountability. Certification is the most important and revolutionary change in quality management in the promotional products industry. Giving peace of mind to distributors and their end-user clients that the branded promotional items they purchase are safe and compliant is essential.”

Rick Brenner
Prime Resources Corp.

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“It doesn’t matter how extensive a quality process any company has in place, working through the QCA accreditation process identifies gaps and areas that need attention, thereby improving the overall product and in turn the reputation of the company. An organization such as QCA improves our ability to provide products that are safe, contain no restricted ingredients and are not only made safely but also with social and environmental accountability issues in mind. QCA accredited companies are a select group of manufacturers who have earned the right to say they truly make a quality product—and can back it up.”

Jennifer Gluck
Executive Vice President
Gordon Sinclair

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“Given how dynamic, complex and sometimes vague regulatory issues can be, it is useful to have a group of companies committed to quality that can share knowledge and best practices. But the QCA initiative goes beyond helping members design processes and procedures to insure the promotional products we manufacture and import meet appropriate standards today and in the future. The outcomes give our customers the ability to buy with confidence as it relates to quality and compliance—and this benefits the industry as a whole.”

Jonathan Isaacson

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“To earn QCA Accreditation, a company must adhere to an essential level of standards designed to detect and deter non-compliant products from entering into the market place. Achieving QCA Accreditation is a notable achievement for Barton Nelson Inc, as it demonstrates our dedication to providing safe, high quality products. With the emergence of the QCA Certified Seal, distributors can easily identify industry suppliers that share in our commitment.”

Gabe Nelson
Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Barton Nelson, Inc.

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