In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, regardless of the industry in which you operate, brand safety is no doubt a primary concern. For those in the promotional products manufacturing business, brand safety is of paramount importance to the users of this advertising medium. Industry companies must address and implement and array of best practices to provide an effective solution.

QCA Accreditation, an all-encompassing solution that protects brand equity throughout the supply chain, boosts brand reputation and increases buyer confidence. That invariably leads to increased revenues and greater profitability.

If you are considering QCA accreditation, we hope you will explore the myriad of benefits available. At QCA, we are your partner and your guide when it comes to product safety, compliance and social responsibility.


QCA Application and Accreditation Information

Now that you understand the benefits of QCA Accreditation, you’ve likely got some questions and want to know what’s next. First, the questions:

How long is the accreditation process? The QCA Accreditation process varies for each company but can, on average, take 15 to 18 months to complete.

What can we expect as part of the process? The QCA Accreditation process includes a third-party testing organization that evaluates performance of each facility submitted by a QCA Applicant for Accreditation. Each QCA Applicant facility will receive an overall assessment based on a numeric score compiled from the compliance scorecard. Once all five areas of compliance are approved or approved with corrective action, a third-party audit of the supply base will commence.

What happens after accreditation? Are there ongoing fees and certifications required? QCA Accreditation and the QCA Seal of Approval are given to accredited suppliers for an initial two-year period. In the second year, random maintenance audits will be performed as part of ongoing checks and balances established to validate the QCA Accreditation Program.

We hope you’re now ready to get started with the QCA Accreditation process for your company. Follow these four steps and you’ll be on your way:

Download the QCA Accreditation application and complete it.

Sign the self-certification letter.

Send your completed application, self-certification letter and check for application fee (credit cards are not accepted) to:

Quality Certification Alliance
PO Box 446
Seattle, Washington 98111

Once the application and fees are received, you will be asked to complete a nondisclosure agreement that protects the respective intellectual property of both your company and QCA. You will also be asked to complete a brand usage agreement. Once your company information is received and confirmed, you’ll be up and running and your journey toward accreditation will have officially begun.


QCA Self-Certification Letter

Companies seeking Quality Certification Alliance accreditation are required to complete a self-certification letter as part of their application process.