Who Is QCA?

Who founded QCA?
How can products from QCA Certified Suppliers be found?
What prompted formation of an independent group?

About QCA

What is Quality Certification Alliance (QCA)?
What is QCA Accreditation / Certification?
What is the scope of QCA Accreditation?
What is a QCA Certified Supplier?
Who can apply for QCA Accreditation?
Are there company size or sales volume minimum requirements?
What is a QCA Applicant for Accreditation?
Who manages QCA’s daily operations?
Are QCA representatives available for speaking engagements? Is there a fee?
Does QCA provide one-on-one consulting services?

QCA Distributor Advocacy Council

What is the QCA Distributor Advocacy Council?
How did the QCA Distributor Advocacy Council begin?
Why was the QCA Distributor Advocacy Council created?
Why should distributors care about product safety and compliance? Aren’t these supplier issues?
Why is a collaborative approach important to both suppliers and distributors?
What is the future of compliance?

Why Is QCA Important?

Why is QCA Accreditation important?
Why is QCA needed?
What are the benefits QCA Accreditation?
I already test my products. Why do I need QCA?
Each of my customers has different expectations and formats for compliance that they require, and these differences are expensive and time consuming to meet. Can QCA Accreditation help me with this issue?
A number of the factories I use have been audited and approved for use by large retailers. Why do I need QCA?


Are all the products from QCA Accredited Suppliers guaranteed to be 100% safe and compliant?
What is the difference between ISO, WRAP and FLA certifications and QCA Accreditation?
State and federal compliance requirements change so rapidly. How can I keep up?