Importance of Accreditation


There are many factors to consider when selecting vendors to meet their promotional products needs. Compliance with legislative, social and environmental requirements is a topic of increasing concern for everyone in the supply chain.

Because end buyers are mandating that the promotional products they purchase are safe, distributors have become more selective in determining their preferred suppliers. And consequently, suppliers are proactively taking steps to implement compliance programs that deter and detect unsafe products.

Compliance programs are a journey rather than a destination. Developing and implementing a comprehensive program takes a significant amount of commitment and time as companies integrate compliance expectations into their supply chains and the daily best practices of their organization.

The following suppliers have taken the first step in creating a comprehensive compliance program by applying to participate in the QCA Accreditation Program. These new QCA Applicants must successfully complete all aspects of the QCA Accreditation Program in order to become QCA Certified.

Spector & Co.



St. Regis Group of Companies

Note: Several applicant companies have chosen to remain confidential and are not included in the above listing.

Why These Suppliers Applied:

“In early 2009, we realized the need to formally document our product safety best practices and decided to apply for the QCA Accreditation Program. The process has helped all our key employees, supervisors and factory workers embrace the concept and achieve the goal of becoming QCA Certified, which is one of the most important achievements in our company history.”

~ Gary Hellinger, Founder / CEO, Garyline

“The number of suppliers attaching a high priority to product safety, quality and compliance programs is a great step forward for our industry. The more confident end buyers are about our product offerings, the more our industry will continue to grow and thrive. QCA has established the gold standard in these pursuits by providing an independent assessment and certification of each supplier’s supply chain processes. We welcome all of our new applicants and look forward to the day that the vast majority of suppliers pursue QCA accreditation.”

~ Rick Brenner, CEO, Prime Resources Corp.

“The values of QCA—product safety, social compliance and environmental stewardship—are in line with our own values, and our commitment to them has been longstanding. They have been our own core business practices, and our QCA Accreditation is simply the natural next step in our evolution of differentiating ourselves in the marketplace.”

~ Chuck Sandford, CAS President, BAG MAKERS, Inc.