Importance of Accreditation


There are many factors to consider when selecting vendors to meet their promotional products needs. Compliance with legislative, social and environmental requirements is a topic of increasing concern for everyone in the supply chain.

Because end buyers are mandating that the promotional products they purchase are safe, distributors have become more selective in determining their preferred suppliers. And consequently, suppliers are proactively taking steps to implement compliance programs that deter and detect unsafe products.

Compliance programs are a journey rather than a destination. Developing and implementing a comprehensive program takes a significant amount of commitment and time as companies integrate compliance expectations into their supply chains and the daily best practices of their organization.

The following suppliers have taken the first step in creating a comprehensive compliance program by applying to participate in the QCA Accreditation Program. These new QCA Applicants must successfully complete all aspects of the QCA Accreditation Program in order to become QCA Accredited.


St. Regis Group of Companies

Universal Strap/WOV-IN Brands

Note: Some applicant companies have chosen to remain confidential and are not included in the above listing.

Why These Suppliers Applied:

“The saying ‘It wouldn’t be easy, but it will be worth it’ defiantly applies to achieving QCA Accreditation. Suppliers and distributors must educate themselves and implement stringent standards as they pertain to supply chain control as well as testing and auditing of their companies and products to preserve this wonderful industry against sub par companies and products. We have taken great pride in going through the QCA Certification process to ensure our customers and end users that their employees, clients and company brands are safe when choosing SnugZ.”

~ Brandon Mackay, President, SnugZ


“Most importantly it is the reassurance for our distributor customers and end-advertisers that Fey and its brands follow strict protocols to deliver safe and responsible promotional advertising products. For the company and our team it is about doing the right thing–knowing we use best in class protocols to create best in class product.  It directly reinforces the pride we take in achieving something that a small percentage of firms achieve.

~ Mike Fey, President,  Fey Promotional Products


“In early 2009, we realized the need to formally document our product safety best practices and decided to apply for the QCA Accreditation Program. The process has helped all our key employees, supervisors and factory workers embrace the concept and achieve the goal of becoming QCA Certified, which is one of the most important achievements in our company history.”

~ Gary Hellinger, Founder / CEO, Garyline