iStock_000017057018XSmallQuality Certification Alliance: Quality And Safety. Delivered.

Quality Certification Alliance is an independent accreditation organization based in Chicago, Illinois. We work with global companies and manufacturers and our mission is to elevate the standards for promotional products suppliers with import firms, as well as with manufacturing companies, to ensure safe, high quality, socially compliant and environmentally conscientious merchandise. QCA Accreditation is granted to companies who complete a process that is approximately 15-18 months in duration and  includes multiple independent third-party audits, as well as compliance with stringent standards. The standards to which these companies are held are based upon a combination of state and national laws, international standards, and industry-accepted best practices that are recognized for their strength and effectiveness by QCA Accredited companies.

The Problem

Promotional products industry manufacturers and importers—the entry points for products into the marketplace—have long been in search of a way to effectively address client product safety concerns. The leading companies in the promotional products industry could not continue, and didn’t want to continue, to address this topic in a reactive nature; yet there was a marked absence of an industry-specific compliance standard.

The Solution

QCA was formed in July 2008 as a group of industry thought leaders to address the safety, compliance and social responsibility needs of the promotional products industry. By providing the tools required to help companies within the industry, Quality Certification Alliance puts the necessary processes in place to deliver consistently safe and safely produced merchandise with an eye on corporate and social responsibility.

Today, 32 socially conscious, forward thinking companies have met the rigorous qualifications necessary to achieve QCA Accreditation. Those companies include Admints & Zagabor; Alphabroder (formerly Broder Brothers); American Ad Bags; AZX Sport (Aztex); Bagmakers; BDA,BIC Graphic; Bullet Line; Chameleon Like, Inc.; Crown Products; Cutter and Buck; DRI Designs;Fey  Promotional Products Group; Garyline; Gemline; Gordon Sinclair; Hit Promo; iClick; Jetline; JournalBooks; Leed’s; Logomark, Inc.; Magna-Tel by Fey; Mi Line by Fey; Prime Resources; Reflectix by Fey; SanMar; SnugZ USA; SWEDA; Seville Gear; Sunscope; and Vitronic Promotional Products. There are additional companies currently undergoing the certification process and several more making inquiries into the process. Certification is a smart business decision: “It’s not just good business, it’s the way we do business.”

Certification Leads to Greater Profitability and Growth

Certification is a necessary component of business operations today, it’s simply the “new normal”. More and more, large companies are only interested in vendors who understand the importance of safety and compliance and who insist on it as it relates to every component of the manufacturing and import process. It’s the component that allows companies to take the next steps to greater, more lucrative opportunities to work with larger companies. QCA Accreditation: social awareness and conscience driven growth and profitability.