Today we are announcing the joining of two great companies and teams: alphabroder and Prime Line®. This announcement marks more than just two companies coming together, it marks a first for our industry – the first and only true ‘one-stop-shop’ – raising the bar on service, convenience and solutions. The driving force behind this union was YOU – our Customers. We listened and you asked for something simple, convenient and comprehensive – a complete solution.

The quality of the Prime Line Team and their corporate culture, which is firmly grounded in family values, were two of the key drivers of this acquisition. There is tremendous value in the experience and tenure of the Prime Line Management Team. Their longevity brings a high level of predictability to the business which is essential to delivering the Ultimate Customer Experience. The Prime Line Team also brings a proven track record of driving successful company integrations. And both companies know the key to a successful integration is ensuring there is no disruption to our Customers’ businesses. To that point, as we began to discuss plans around developing our unified offerings, both companies agreed that we would place one priority above all else:

Continue to deliver the highest level of service to all of our Customers.

This is the ‘golden rule’. To ensure we deliver on this commitment, there will be NO immediate CHANGES to the product assortment/service offering from either company. In the near term, continue to conduct business as you always have with your respective team from Prime/Jetline or alphabroder. It will be business as usual for the next several months. Over time our intention is to fully integrate our products and services. We are looking forward to doing this on a measured basis while maintaining your delivery and service levels. As we make changes that affect you, we will communicate those changes in advance.

This union would not be possible without the support and commitment from you. We are very appreciative. We will respect and repay your loyalty to us with a commitment to continued improvement in service and delivery to you and an open ‘ear’ to listen to your feedback. We will provide regular updates throughout the integration process to ensure we keep you informed of our progress and any updates to our combined product and service portfolio.

Please let us know if you experience any issues during the integration process. We need your input and feedback to ensure you receive the level of service required to run your business. Your business is our top priority. Thank you again for your continued support and commitment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is alphabroder?
alphabroder is the industry’s leading apparel supplier and has been formed through the integration of several industry leading companies – Alpha Shirts, Broder Bros. Co., NES Apparel, Imprints Wholesale, Ash City and Bodek & Rhodes. alphabroder offers over 2500 apparel and accessory styles including 800 industry exclusive Private Brand styles. alphabroder has established itself as the industry leader through offering the broadest assortment, having the deepest inventory, building a national distribution footprint that enables one-day delivery to 94% of the US and a maniacal focus on the Customer experience. alphabroder’s mission is to ‘brand the world’ through promotional apparel – we will be ‘expanding’ this mission to ‘brand the world through promotional products’ now that we have expanded our offering to include promotional products – creating our industry’s first true one-stop-shop.

Who is Prime Line?
Founded in 1980, Prime Line became an industry leader through the introduction of innovative products and services. The company now offers more than 1700 products across 15 categories. It features exclusive brands such as MopToppers™, Leeman New York, Rubik’s® and BUILT® as well as numerous product collections. In 2016, it acquired Jetline, which was rebranded as Prime’s value line. Source Abroad by Prime is the company’s custom and overseas sourcing division offering fully custom products as well as fast turn import items. A founding member of QCA, Prime has an industry leading focus on product safety and regulatory compliance.

While both companies are leaders in the promotional products industry they have different areas of focus, for that reason, both companies will continue to operate in their entirety with their management staff, complementing each other and fortifying mutual growth and profitability.

All alphabroder Distributions Centers will remain fully functioning.
alphabroder Office in Trevose and Sales Office in Philadelphia will remain fully functioning.
Prime Bridgeport Office and Production will remain fully functioning.
Prime Gaffney Office and Production will remain fully functioning.


How does this impact the companies?

Q. Will Prime operate independently or be absorbed by alphabroder?
A. Prime will operate independently. Certainly, alphabroder will be supportive to Prime and fuel its growth.

Q. What about Jeff and the Prime Management Team?
A. Jeff Lederer, Prime President and CEO will join the alphabroder Senior Management Team as President of Prime Hard Goods Division. Jeff and the Prime Senior Management Team will lead Prime in CT and SC. The leadership, management and culture of the Prime Family were primary drivers of why ab was interested in Prime

Q. What’s going to happen to the Prime name?
A: There will be no change to the Prime company name. A tag line will be added to branding to illustrate the strength of being combined with alphabroder. Maintaining the visibility and integrity of Prime brands and lines is a priority to promote continued growth of PrimeLine, Jetline, SourceAbroad, and all brands.

Q. How will alphabroder impact the culture of Prime?
A. alphabroder finds the Prime Family culture a major attribute of the company. alphabroder intends to support and nurture the culture, honoring the legacy and values of the Prime family.

Q. How might the Prime culture impact alphabroder?
A. alphabroder stands ready to embrace positive cultural influences that the Prime Family advocates.

Q. What about sales territories and customer coverage/contact?
A. The sales leadership team is working closely together to develop the right go to market approach for our new company. Business will operate as usual; customer continuity is always a priority.

Q: Will the Prime product brands change?
A: There are no plans at this time to change the Prime brands.

Q. What about the Prime Line and Jetline websites?
A. There will be no changes to the functionality of the Prime Line and Jetline websites. Marketing teams from Prime and alphabroder will work together to maximize the opportunities for cross-selling and merchandising across both, and

Q. What about 2018 catalogs for Prime and Jetline?
A: We will release a combined Prime-Jetline “New & Favorites” catalog that includes an expanded apparel section featuring an assortment of alphabroder styles. We are also planning to release an apparel catalog that will be created in consultation with alphabroder that will reflect our integrated go to market strategy.

Q. What products will we offer to each other’s Customers – when and where?
A. Prime and alphabroder Merchandising Teams will work together ongoing to build out the expansion of Prime apparel offerings.

Q. What about our warehouses?
A. Over the next few months the Prime and alphabroder Operations Teams will work together to maximize the use of warehouse space benefiting both companies.


How does this impact you – our customers?

Q. What changes will our Customers experience?
A. There should be no significant changes or disruption of service to our Customers. The goal is to increase offerings over time, be user friendly, provide on time delivery and the Ultimate Customer Experience.

Q. Who should Customers contact with questions about their orders or product offerings?
A. Customers should continue to contact their current reps at the respective companies.

Q. How will this benefit our Customers?
A. The goal is for our Customers to have a ‘one-stop-shop’ enabling them to more efficiently build out solutions for end users.

Q. What about pricing?
A. There are no immediate changes to the pricing at either company. Each company will continue to sell products at the prices they have established. All existing special pricing arrangements will remain in effect until otherwise evaluated and agreed to in writing (this includes EQP).

Q. What about credit lines?
A. There will be no immediate changes to credit lines. Over time the objective will be to combine Customer credit lines so Customers will have one credit line across alphabroder and Prime.

Q. What about customer programs, rebates?
A. There are no immediate changes to customer rebates or programs. Over the next few months these will be evaluated and addressed accordingly. The goal is to benefit our Customers through our unified positioning.


Norm Hullinger,

Dan Pantano,

Jeff Lederer,
Prime Line